Friday, June 10, 2011

Kate Spade Fierce Flats

I bought these pretty little flats while I was in Chicago recently. Except mine are gold and not rose leather, and my beaded bows sparkle WAY more than the ones in this picture. Just saying. Significant sparkle. I love them! Also, the shoes are called Fierce. Isn't that enough?

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Mine will include picking out paint colours (stressful!), brunch, and cleaning out my closet! Whoo hoo!

(On sale, of course.)


  1. I love those! I really don't like that I have to wear very significant clothes at work so basically it's only allowed with black or white and very basic stuff. Would love to dress up a little more and maybe have more accessories. But that's not gonna happen!

    These shoes are to die for. I'm unforunately not a high heel girl since I prefer pretty sandals and ballerinas. I live at the country side so I sort of think it would look a little foolish to walk around in heels here. People would definately look at you like an alien. ;-)



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