Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Farewell to Lou Reed

There is something in the air or the stars as death keeps springing up, and cancer licks at the heels of family members... But although it's turning out to be a rough month as the leaves fall, and the temperature drops it's nice to remember that death isn't as important as life, and that sadness for a loss only represents the happiness that was. Loved this article by Lou Reed's wife Laurie Anderson after his death. Give it a gander.

"Lou and I played music together, became best friends and then soul mates, traveled, listened to and criticized each other's work, studied things together (butterfly hunting, meditation, kayaking). We made up ridiculous jokes; stopped smoking 20 times; fought; learned to hold our breath underwater; went to Africa; sang opera in elevators; made friends with unlikely people; followed each other on tour when we could; got a sweet piano-playing dog; shared a house that was separate from our own places; protected and loved each other. We were always seeing a lot of art and music and plays and shows, and I watched as he loved and appreciated other artists and musicians. He was always so generous. He knew how hard it was to do. We loved our life in the West Village and our friends; and in all, we did the best we could do."

"I'm sure he will come to me in my dreams and will seem to be alive again. And I am suddenly standing here by myself stunned and grateful. How strange, exciting and miraculous that we can change each other so much, love each other so much through our words and music and our real lives."

-Laurie Anderson
Read the whole article (it's worth it) on Rolling Stone


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