Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Inspiration: Jean Allsopp Interiors

My favourite home style at this point is "white and bright". For me this equals a touch of Swedish/Scandinavian charm, a touch of minimalism, a touch of exoticism, and a touch of elegance. I've just returned from a trip to NYC, and have been back for about three week from a month long journy through Asia. My apartment has suffered while I've been gone, with my suitcase often sitting in the living room at various stages of half-unpacked. (At least I remembered to take out the garbage and compost before I left!) 

Time to clean up. I often inspire myself to get cleaning with shots of how I want my place to look (eventually). This brings me to these fantastic interior shots by photographer Jean Allsopp from Alabama. Love them. This weekend it's time to put on the Jay Z and let's whip this place into shape!


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