Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phyllis and Connie

Today's picture makes me smile. It gives me inspiration and hope. It's not a picture about shoes or clothing of homes or a witty quote. It's a picture of love. 
(I dig that not everyone feels the same way as me, so feel free to move along to the next post if this isn't your cup of tea.)

Some of you may know that I was in NYC (incidentally) when New York approved the same sex marriage bill, and I piled out onto the street to celebrate with the rest of Manhattan, and ended up in front of the Stonewall Inn. It was a beautiful night, full of excitement, tears, proposals, songs, and joy. 

This weeked the first couples were allowed to marry, legally in New York State. Now this has been a right in Ontario where I live since 2003. Toronto is a very special place. I grew up with people literally from all over the world, I learned to play the dreidel game in elementary school. My high school teachers were cool, pierced with mohawks, and openly gay. I never thought that anyone was less or more than myself, and that everyone is and should be treated equally (thanks momma, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom). So when I read this story about the first couple to marry in Manhattan I literally stopped in my tracks. It wasn't that long ago that my parents wouldn't have been allowed to marry in the United States. It wasn't until 1967 that the US Supreme Court ended all race based marriage restriction. Really? Are you hearing this? Alabama didn't repeal it's mixed race marriage laws until 2000. What? Are you kidding me? I simply cannot imagine being in love, going through the ups and the downs of a relationship, and not being able to recognize my union legally or spiritually, not being allowed to have a wedding.

Holding on to your love, no matter what your country or state says. That's beautiful. 
And then I cried at work. True story. I'm a sap for love.

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  1. OMG I love this post. You may have made me tear up a little at work too! What an amazing moment to get to witness in NYC.

    I'm in a 'mixed race' relationship, but hate thinking about it as something different. I can't imagine not being able to marry someone I love just because we have different coloured skin...seems so outrageously stupid.

    xo J.



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