Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Farewell to Lou Reed

There is something in the air or the stars as death keeps springing up, and cancer licks at the heels of family members... But although it's turning out to be a rough month as the leaves fall, and the temperature drops it's nice to remember that death isn't as important as life, and that sadness for a loss only represents the happiness that was. Loved this article by Lou Reed's wife Laurie Anderson after his death. Give it a gander.

"Lou and I played music together, became best friends and then soul mates, traveled, listened to and criticized each other's work, studied things together (butterfly hunting, meditation, kayaking). We made up ridiculous jokes; stopped smoking 20 times; fought; learned to hold our breath underwater; went to Africa; sang opera in elevators; made friends with unlikely people; followed each other on tour when we could; got a sweet piano-playing dog; shared a house that was separate from our own places; protected and loved each other. We were always seeing a lot of art and music and plays and shows, and I watched as he loved and appreciated other artists and musicians. He was always so generous. He knew how hard it was to do. We loved our life in the West Village and our friends; and in all, we did the best we could do."

"I'm sure he will come to me in my dreams and will seem to be alive again. And I am suddenly standing here by myself stunned and grateful. How strange, exciting and miraculous that we can change each other so much, love each other so much through our words and music and our real lives."

-Laurie Anderson
Read the whole article (it's worth it) on Rolling Stone

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinks I like

Bought...and stolen

I bought (or rather, my mom bought me as an early birthday gift) a new bicycle! Isn't it pretty? I love riding it all over town! (With a helmet of course, because safety is SEXY, and brain injuries and face road rash are NOT).

Update: bicycle was stolen within three weeks. Damn you bike thieves!
This is why I can't have nice things. :(


Just finished The Beautiful and Damned. F. Scott Fitzgerald is having a bit of a comback as of late with the release of The Great Gatsby, but because I'm stubborn I can't read it right now while it's so 'hot'. I loved Tender is the Night (depressing but fantastic.) so I was excited to read another of his books.The Beautiful and Damned is beautifully written, and as his other books provides great insight into the roaring twenties. I recommend.


Toronto really takes advantage of the summer, and almost every night there are outdoor movie showings across the city. Last week I saw The Last Waltz for the first time and it BLEW MY MIND it was so good. Based on the final tour of The Band it has guest appearances from some AMAZING artists. Watch this movie loud, with friends, and get ready to sing along... and you should probably consider drinking some whiskey while you're at it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tobias Chair

I've been dreaming about redecorating (or... really, just decorating, as I never really did when I moved in TWO years ago... shameful)

I was this brilliant post by Toronto blogger Jacquelyn of Lark and Linen, and I found myself captivated by the lucite chair she posted. I clicked on the link and found that it was an Ikea chair. Well, that's right in my budget (which is limited). It's modern, and I've been loving lucite for awhile. What do you think?

Picture 1, 2, 3

Monday, July 1, 2013

Things I Like


I have found a new blog that I am OBSESSED with. It's the blog of Emily Henderson (also known as my new-girl-crush-who-I-don't-know) who it appears was an HGTV star (I don't have TV). All's I know is that she is cute, and funny, and has great style sense. I've been working myself backwards through her blog for a little bit every morning with my cup of tea. It's GLORIOUS. I recommend.


There was some famjamz BBQ action yesterday, and I whipped up this cake to bring along. People had a LOT of good things to say about it. They may have just been being nice, but I like to think the cake had something to do with it, not their pity for my potluck contribution. Plus, rhubarb? Best. I added some strawberries, because I had some beautiful Ontario strawberries in the fridge. I recommend. The more fruit the better. (I used 2 cups, but next time I'll use more).


I somehow lost my hand mixer (how does that happen?). I still have the beaters, but no base in sight. I kept putting off getting a new one (by attempting silly things like mixing by hand, and using my blender to whip eggs), but enough was enough! I'm a girl who bakes, and a girl who bakes can't bring herself to whip everything by hand (and by that I mean my arms get realllly tired). So I bought a new one. Now, I've only used it once (for the cake yesterday), but I am loving it! It comes with its own case, which is great in case you want to bring it with you to work or something (because you never know), and it's powerful. Plus it beats trying to blend a cake. Trust me.

Blog: Style by Emily Henderson
Food: Rhubarb Almond Crumb Cake
Thing: Oster Hand Mixer

Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Inspiration: Jean Allsopp Interiors

My favourite home style at this point is "white and bright". For me this equals a touch of Swedish/Scandinavian charm, a touch of minimalism, a touch of exoticism, and a touch of elegance. I've just returned from a trip to NYC, and have been back for about three week from a month long journy through Asia. My apartment has suffered while I've been gone, with my suitcase often sitting in the living room at various stages of half-unpacked. (At least I remembered to take out the garbage and compost before I left!) 

Time to clean up. I often inspire myself to get cleaning with shots of how I want my place to look (eventually). This brings me to these fantastic interior shots by photographer Jean Allsopp from Alabama. Love them. This weekend it's time to put on the Jay Z and let's whip this place into shape!



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