Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Home Tour: Montreal Fun

Isn't this Montreal (Quebec) home just fantastic. I love touches of colour, and the feeling of brightness and whimsy. For more photos see Apartment Therapy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey Everyone! I'm back! Sort of. Things have been busy. I got back from Coachella (amazeballs, but freezing cold), and just right back into long work days. That being said, posts might be a bit sporadic over the next month while I finish up all my big work projects, but I have hopes for more consistent summer posting.

Two of my besties who are getting married this summer/fall are doing blue bridesmaid dresses. Both are thinking mismatched blue, and letting the bridesmaids pick for themselves. Obviously I have started hunting for something great. Here are a few options I have found so far.

Anthropologie: Unilateral Dress - $178
Ted Barker: Uliina Ruffle Neckline Dress - £195


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