Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geox Sibilla Sandal

I've been wanting a pair of wedges.  Even though my tastes definitely run more towards a more ladylike thin heel rather than chunkier shoes, something about this feels sort of "right" this season. Am considering this pair at the moment. If their wedges are as comfy as their flats, it might be worth the investment! Thoughts?
Geox: Sibilla Sandal in Black

*Edit* - I tried these on in the Geox store near Union Square in NYC last weekend, and they fit like a dream. They were $163 with tax though, and I wasn't feeling able to spend that much cash so I didn't get them. I'm regretting it now as I went to see if they had them in Toronto, and the woman at the Eaton's Centre informed me that they don't sell this style in Canada! Egads! Time for another trip back to the US??


  1. I really love those kind of shoes. I'm quite short so I need heels during the summer if I'm going for a city look. Here on the country side I mostly use flats and boots.

    Actually I'm not sure yet. I'm considering to do stripes or something and play with color. We have a black wallpaper wall here atm but it's from my boyfriends bachelor time. So I would really love to get rid of that wall. ;-)

  2. I actually bought a pair of wedge heels and now swear by them...they dont have much of a platform in the front but girl they make a difference on how long your feet can last.

    I actually really like these :)

  3. N, which wedges did you get? Post them on your blog... I'm curious! :)

  4. i've been wanting these for months and have been showing this to most of my friends but it's too expensive so i'm getting a substitute that's like 10% the price. haha.

  5. I realize this is months and months later, but I just wanted you to know I got these exact wedges at First at the Eaton Centre today for 50% off! Just over $80 all in. Go go go!

  6. AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much! I'm going to go check it out!



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