Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinks I like

Bought...and stolen

I bought (or rather, my mom bought me as an early birthday gift) a new bicycle! Isn't it pretty? I love riding it all over town! (With a helmet of course, because safety is SEXY, and brain injuries and face road rash are NOT).

Update: bicycle was stolen within three weeks. Damn you bike thieves!
This is why I can't have nice things. :(


Just finished The Beautiful and Damned. F. Scott Fitzgerald is having a bit of a comback as of late with the release of The Great Gatsby, but because I'm stubborn I can't read it right now while it's so 'hot'. I loved Tender is the Night (depressing but fantastic.) so I was excited to read another of his books.The Beautiful and Damned is beautifully written, and as his other books provides great insight into the roaring twenties. I recommend.


Toronto really takes advantage of the summer, and almost every night there are outdoor movie showings across the city. Last week I saw The Last Waltz for the first time and it BLEW MY MIND it was so good. Based on the final tour of The Band it has guest appearances from some AMAZING artists. Watch this movie loud, with friends, and get ready to sing along... and you should probably consider drinking some whiskey while you're at it.


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