Friday, June 15, 2012

New Purse?

What is it, purse central over here? I'm still on the hunt for a mid sized bag/satchel.Once again I have specific requirements which is making it hard to find! I need a shoulder/cross body strap (for when I ride my bike or my vespa), but ideally it would also have a top handle. I want it dressy enough that I can use it in the evening, but roomy enough that I can carry everything. (Wallet, make up bag, keys, umbrella...sometimes a pair of flats.) Marc by Marc Jacobs has a few cute options that are more in line with my budget than most of the bags I am ogling. Here is what I'm considering. (May try and hold off until my trip to Boston in July... everything is cheaper in the States!)

P.S. If you're like me and like to look at what people carry in their purses take a look at my Pinterest Board Purse Contents!

MARC BY MARC JACOBS: Classic Q Lil Ukita
MARC BY MARC JACOB: Petal To The Metal Voyage
MARC BY MARC JACOBS: Too Hot to Handle

Friday, June 8, 2012

Carry-On Suggestion

My blogger friend Nirasa saw my plea for suggestions for carry on bags and threw her suggestion into the hat. She has this pretty bag, and says she "loves it". You can also get it monogrammed. Fancy. This is way more classy than what I use. What do you use?

Coach Bleeker Weekender Bag in Fawn
Suggested by A Fine Balance

Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking For A Perfect Carry-On

I'm headed back to B.C. today to surprise my Nana for her 80th birthday! Yet another flight reminds my of my newest search... I'm looking for a perfect carry on bag. As a frequent flyer, I've come up with a list of things that this perfect bag would have. Including: ideally a luggage strap so I can rest the bag on top of my rolling luggage. I often travel with multiple bags, and don't have a free arm. If not a luggage strap, then a cross body strap. Size: Big enough to pack my travel essentials, a large scarf, cardigan, a book and a couple of magazines, and some major snackage. It ideally would have pockets making things easy to organize, (passport, electronics, etc) and would zip shut (so I don't lost anything when it's stored under the seat). Where does this bag exist? I've found a few good options here, but none of them are quite perfect.

Lug: Cartwheel. 
The only bag that has the ever important luggage strap at the back, but it's a bit large and bulky, and I don't love the look enough to use it outside of the airport. 
Con: No style points.
Plus: Lots of pockets. 
 Monocle: Porter Baby Boston Bag
It doesn't have a shoulder strap, or a luggage strap making it impracticable for me, however it's roomy, and I like it's manly look, and it's shoe case.
Con: Needs an extra hand, which I never have. Most pricey of the lot.
Pro: Separate space for shoes at the bottom would be perfect for storage of tupperware snacks, and a separate pouch at the bottom allow for less of a chance for food spillage on the rest of my items.
Hershel: Totem 
This it a totally cute and bright item, but I'm not sure if it's wide enough for all my snacks (guys, SERIOUSLY, I pack a LOT of snacks!), and my sweater, and other essentials.
Con: Not big enough?
Pro: Might actually use this for other things than just carry on baggage. No one likes a one trick pony.

What do you use? Suggestions are SO welcome!

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