Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sombrilla Sun Shade

Do you burn in the sun? Do you freckle? Do you tan really dark and don't like how you look with a tan? I know people who fit into all of the above categories (myself included), and this looks like an awesome option. I remember when I went to the beach town of Lagos, Portugal. The sun was bright and strong, and although my pale bestie and I enjoyed our time down by the water, we both wanted to avoid the harsh rays. We choose to rent a sun umbrella, and curl up into little balls under the small amount of shade. This is a better (and more stylish) option. Sun safety (and pale skin) is sexy people! Cancer is not.


  1. Aw that is SO clever! Love it! and love the yellow too! :) It looks summery!



  2. I heart sun safety!
    Though in miami I plan to get my tan on.

    PS how July 31st looking for a blogger meet up? I two other great bloggers in mind....Fresh?



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