Saturday, April 2, 2011

What To Wear: Coachella - Sunglasses

Spending your days in the sun requires that you protect your peepers. Not only is staring into the sun uncomfortable, but sun damage also leads to wrinkles. Best to plan ahead with a handful of fun and stylish options. Best of all, most of these shades cost around $20. Meaning if and when you lose them you won't cry too much. You'll just reach into your bag for your next pair.

Mint Round Sunglasses
Oversized Crystal Look Sunglasses
Oversized Red Cat Eye Sunglasses
Keyhole Sunglasses
 -All sunglasses were found on ASOS-

 Why so much ASOS? Well, for one, they ship all over the world, which really increases your chance of being able to get your hands of them, dear reader. Also, they ship to Canada FOR FREE. And you know I like that!

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