Wednesday, August 3, 2011

J Crew Shoe of the Month Club

So it's about two months until my birthday. And I'm just SAYING that if someone loved me a lot. A LOT. And if anyone knew me really well... and if anyone had more money than they knew what to do with they would probably get me a membership to J Crew's Shoe of the Month Club. Are you hearing me? A NEW PAIR OF SHOES IN THE MAIL EVERY MONTH?? Yes PLEASE! (So much shouting, sorry. Too excited.) Ok, so I'm not really expecting this, because it's $1800 for a year. Which is a crap load of money. But mommy, when you win the lottery, you know what to do!

The Canadian dollar is above par. So technically it would cost LESS than $1800. More like $1725. 
Anyone? Anyone? Buller?

image via look linger love who is lucky enough to be a member


  1. Are you an october baby?

    I am a september baby : )
    why is it that I can never have enough shoes...

    my one pair that I must buy is a good pair of wedge heels if you see a pair thats a must buy let me know : )

    1800 hundred is a little much but I love the idea of a shoe of the month club... :)

  2. Why haven't I've heard about this before??????? If only I had $2000 to throw away...

    P.S. Happy Early Birthday!



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