Monday, March 28, 2011

What To Wear: Coachella - Dresses

Ok ladies, the countdown to Coachella has begun. This week will feature some lovely outfit suggestions for you (or for anyone who will be enjoying summer, or summer festivals. Basically anyone not in Australia. I hear it's winter there now.) I have not yet been to Coachella, although I am going with a group that are regulars. I have, however gone to MANY a music festival in my time. Here are some suggestions as to what you can wear this year which follow my own rules for summer music festivals.

1- Dresses are easy. If you're camping like I am, you don't want to pack a lot of different things.

2- Nothing too tight. It's going to be hot, and you should be sweating.

3- Something with straps. You're going to be jumping/ around you want to be wearing a bra. Or a bikini top at least. Wearing a strapless dress with a bikini or a bra is NOT an option.

4-Not too short. You want to be able to move around, put your hands up, and sit on the grass without exposing you lady bits. Leggings under dresses are something to consider too. If you want to show a lot of leg, wear shorts. But that's another post!

Vero Moda: Very Zip Front Tile Print Panel Dress
Warehouse: Watercolour Print Dress
French Connection: Stripe Vest Dress


  1. I am in love with the first two dresses. I have also been searching Ebay for those Cole haan shoes to add to my closet...Tried to put the patent heels I wore last week and it was not happening!

  2. I can't wait for Coachella either! And I've been giving serious thought to what I'm gonna wear! I totally agree with all your pointers, especially about NOT wearing a bikini top with a strapless dress. That is a definite no no for me too! xoxo



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