Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birks on a "Budget"

Double Face Mirror with Scattered Crystal $80

Freshwater Pearl Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold $100

Pewter Flask with Satin Band $55

Valet Heart Locket Keyring $180

Say the mother of your boyfriend is really nice, and gave you a really nice early Christmas gift. Something you had been wanting, but couldn't really bring yourself to buy because it was "too much". And say this nice lady also liked nice things. Things out of your price range. Because even though you have a full time job you've only been working for a few years since grad school, and EVERY PENNY is accounted for you in your budget and any extra money you may find seems to go to travel, and that's not such a bad things right? Hypothetically speaking of course. Well, say you wanted to get someone a nice gift. Maybe a nice brand name gift, but knew you couldn't spend as much as you wanted. Well turns out that there are some "deals" to be had. Check out what you can get at Birks for under $200. And the flask? Maybe not for the mother. But the brother is turning legal drinking age this year...

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