Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Snail

While in London the boy took me to the Tate Modern. Now, I'm not normally that into modern art. I know very little about art, and for me my favourite pieces of art are usually things that I find beautiful. Rodin, Vermeer, Monet all rank top choices for me. I simply like things which I find aesthetically pleasing. However, there was one piece in the Tate which really caught my eye, and that was The Snail, by Matisse. Perhaps because of the big bold colours, perhaps because I recognized the artist's name, knew his story, and had something to compare it against. But also because of it's story. This piece of art Matisse made while bed ridden, and nearing the end of his life. What he was trying to express with his big bold colours I can only guess at, however that undying need to create, to express, and to explore I can relate to.

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