Friday, May 21, 2010

Confession: Glasses

Confession. I wear glasses. Confession. I do like wearing glasses.

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear glasses. They know because I have them on my face 90% of the time. They are the first thing I grab for in the morning and I don't take them off until the lights go out at night. Why. Because I cannot see without them. And I prefer my world in focus, rather than a constant blur. My reliance on glasses being obvious, I do not love them. If you were to flip through one of my photo albums you might not guess right away that I wear glasses. Most pictures of me are sans lenses.(Contacts of course). When I go out at night and when I want to look good, I always always wear contacts. Why? I do not feel pretty in my glasses. There. I said it. I long for laser eye surgery, but am not currently a candidate. I am not ashamed of my glasses, but I consider them a bother. Maybe I need new stylish frames. But I already have 3 pairs, I think that's excessive already. Who knows. So until I can afford/am allowed to do the zapzap of my eyes, it's glasses for me.

Do you wear glasses? Do you like your glasses? Any suggestions?

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