Friday, March 30, 2012

What to Wear to Coachella 2012: Dresses

 So this is my advice when packing dresses for Coachella.

1- Something light (in colour) is better than something dark. It's hot out there in the sun. Patterns are better than plain white. You will be sitting in grass, in dirt, and possibly eating messy food.
2 - Something light (in fabric weight) is better than something heavy. It's hot out there. I assume you will be dancing.
3 - Something light is better than something tights.

Bonus points for the first dress which would allow you to wear it strapless (tan lines), and if you get really hot, you can change it into a skirt and just wear a bikini top.

Don't forget, you're not going to a club. Think more hippie, flowery, of course with a touch of California laid back style.

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