Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rustic Wedding

Ok, this is what I want to point out about this wedding. The bridesmaids got their dresses at H&M. I'm SO down with that. I have 7 besties, so I'm hoping to be bridesmaid at least... twice. And I'll buy a dress of your picking for your wedding. But if it's more than I spend on a dress of my picking, I mayyy grumble a little. I'll do it, because you're a bestie, but I'm just saying. These girls look great! If you're only going to wear a dress once might as well get it for under $50, you know?

Also this wedding was catered by Chipotle. Which I just discovered when I was in Florida. And I love. 

So yeah, cheap and AWESOME.


  1. These pictures are great. Your totally right cause there's no point on spending too much on something worn once!

  2. Wow!! so beautiful! pictures are as good as these pictures are!



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