Friday, February 11, 2011

Rupert Sanderson Sandals

Happy almost weekend everyone! It's going to be a busy day today! I've got to get everything and more done because I'm going on vacation for a week. Leaving straight from work to the airport! Headed to Vancouver to visit the boy. He's away for a month, and that obviously just won't do! We're hopefully going to make it to Seattle and Victoria while we're there, any suggestions of things to do in any of those three places? Mostly  I plan on sleeping in, going to yoga, shopping, and meeting some new people! Wish me luck (and relaxation... this is a vacation after all)!

P.S. these shoes are on SALE right now for $250 from $715. I still can't afford them, but that does make them a GREAT DEAL. Check out The Outnet

Rupert Sanderson: Mist leather cross-front sandals

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  1. How I love these shoes and so many others that I saw on the outnet site! i absolutely love that that you provide links for people to shop! Though I cant afford them myself this time around its nice to have a place to look when I am feeling the need for a shoe fix! have a wonderful holiday :)



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