Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Isn't fall the most wonderful time of the year? There is nothing quite like the smell of a fireplace burning as you walk down the street, and the colour of the leaves as they start to change. I'm completely embracing the move to soups (mushroom barley last night), and sweaters, and boots! And Halloween is just around the corner! Time to enjoy all this before the brutal winter hits and I start longing for summer again.This weekend should include some working (boo), but also some dressing up for a few parties, some shopping with a bestie, and a bit of volunteering. At this harvest time it's important to remember that not everyone has enough to eat. Meal Exchange is running a program called Trick or Eat where they will be going door to door collecting food donations instead of candy for local communities across Canada. Check it out, and have a spooky weekend everyone!
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