Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Francine Sofa

I went to all you can eat sushi last night with my sassy friend J. The thing is, I fear I never eat all I can eat. I eat all I can eat AND MORE. I find it very hard to say no to delicious food. Oh, the tummy aches. But on the walk home she told me how she recently discovered the joy that is Anthropologie. While I often check out cute dresses, I seem to forget that they also have a home department. So when a moment at work appeared (Don't sass me, I got to work 45 minute early today!) I quickly popped on over to take a peek.

I don't really like floral prints. Not usually my scene. My personal style tends to shy away from overly cute, or cottage chic. But this couch spoke to me. Probably because it is not overly cute or cottage chic. (I obviously own some florals, including a sweet little Vivienne Tam dress that I'm planning on wearing to Easter dinner. There is a time and place for everything.)
(Don't think about the price.)

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