Friday, December 18, 2009

What To Wear?: Christmas Party Edition Final Decision

I have decided what to wear to THE PARTY OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON. I own at least... oh, 6 little black dresses, each one perfect in it's own way. But my most recent, and my favourite is a little Ted Baker number that I brought back from Dublin. The little black dress is always appropriate. Depending on how many buttons I do up in the front this single items of clothing could be worn (and has been worn at) a wedding, a bachelorette, a birthday and at work. Hell, it would work at a funeral, cocktail party, dinner party, or meeting (and impressing) parents. What other single item can do that except maybe a sick pair of heels. Ha. Thought not. This cost a pretty penny, but I do not regret it in the least. Thank goodness my bestie Pony was there to talk me into it. Now let's see how it holds up tonight! (And let's see how I hold up in 4.5 inch heels!)

Ted Baker: Mimmi Dress
Steve Madden: Heels (bought at DSW in NYC)

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