Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Wish List: Etsy Style

For Christmas I want world peace, an end to hunger, and a swift move towards action in terms of correcting the environmental crisis... obviously! But if I can't have that I will also accept...

Leather Laptop bag via  The Leather Store
 Aspen Leaf Lariat via briguysgirls
 Headband via Bean and the Sprout
 Sterling Silver Mesh Ring via Two Chicks Too
 Personalized Poppy Branch Stationary via Le Papier Studio

But really, I have been receiving text messages from my mom asking for my Christmas list for at least the past week. What I want is a bike or a horse, but I've been asking for both of those for years, with no luck.

So instead I present my current list, full of lovely Etsy items. Etsy is wonderful because:
#1- You can shop from the office (ahem, not me of course).
#2- If you have a thing agianst crowds, you can get all your shopping done in peaceful bliss, and have the gifts delivered to your home.
#3- All the items are way more personal/original.
#4- You are supporting individual artists/crafters. And doesn't it feel good to support individuals who are trying to make some money doing what they love/by being creative?

I am making a conscious effort to try and make, or buy from local or crafting individuals for more gifts this year, while cutting down on the mass produced items. No this does not mean that my brother will be getting something he really doesn't want (he wants video games) or that I am taking  my requests for Sephora and Bath and Bodyworks items off my list... it just means that when I can, I'm taking the time to find something really special for those who might appreciate it.

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