Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working 9 to 5

I started my current job one year ago today.
That is one year of being a grown up. (Sort of.)
One year out of being a student. (Which, after six years of university and grad school seems like quite a feat.)
One year of being less poor.
One year of travel.

This is a reason to celebrate, no?
I am celebrating by pretending to be a grown up. Lunch date with friends, after work I will go to the gym, hit up my favourite sushi joint with a lovely lady from undergrad, and then stop by the hardware store to pick up a bolt that my vespa is missing. How responsible!

(Please note after pretending to be a grown up I will probably go home, put on short shorts, play mowtown or bad pop music and have a kitchen dance party while I bake something delicious.)

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