Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Charles Gwathmey, Architect

Dunway Apartment, NYC, 1969

Astor Place Condominiums, NYC, 2005

de Menil Residence, East Hampton, NY, 1983

Architect Charles Gwathmey has passed away yesterday, and although I cannot claim to have always followed him (because that would be a lie, and it's not a good idea to lie, especially in print), I was impressed by his style immediately. So called modern architecture can so often leave me uninspired. I find it sometimes lacking in beauty and heart. Not this man however. I love the use of glass and light. Above are a few of my favourites. While it is grey and rainy outside this is my beauty for the day.

For more information on Charles: An article from the New York Times.

All of the pictures are from the Gwathmey Siegel website. Lots of great stuff here.

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