Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Update: Dancing

Hello all! I have had a lovely weekend so far. I took yesterday off work because I was exausted. Also because I had already surpassed my weekly work hours by about 10 hours, so I thought it best not to push past that if I didn't need to. (The good news is lots of days off in the future!) Yesterday I mostly slept. I also ran a few errands and went to a yoga class, but mostly, I was lazy. And it was nice. This weekend has consisted of a wicked movie at the Regent Park Film Festival (closing tonight!), Thai food, and will shortly consist of AYCE sushi, a dance party, shopping, brunch, and a dinner at home with my mommy! (And puppy and kid brother). Nice. I hope you all have a productive and relaxing weekend.
And dancing. I hope you all dance tonight. A weekend isn't a weekend without dancing.
image via Verabee

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