Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Bar

Had a discussion Monday night about the home bar. I'm one of those compulsive people who likes to make lists, and complete lists. Of course I need my home bar to be "complete". In my mind, I should have a little bit of everything on hand so that should someone stop by I will be able to provide their drink of choice. Bombay Gin for my bestie from Ottawa, for example. The boy, however feels that a wide selection of good alcohols will just increase the instances of drinking (something neither of us patio loves needs right now).

What is a must in your ideal bar? Do you actually manage to keep it around long enough to offer it out?


  1. For me, the most important part of a home bar is having a few quality alcohols around to serve as the base for drinks; a good gin, a nice whisky or two (Scotch, bourban, etc.), maybe a vodka or rum depending on your personal taste. Then flesh it out with a few versatile liquors, stuff that can be enjoined on their own or mixed with other alcohols (ie, gin and vermouth) or mixers you're pretty much guaranteed to always have on hand (I love French Martinis, but how often do I actually have pineapple juice to make them?). You'll never be well stocked enough to make everything, so instead have a few staples and then the ingredients for your favourites.

    We've just started keeping a proper bar over the last few years and I don't think it's really upped our consumption significantly. We're maybe more likely to have a single martini or scotch as a night cap, but it's never really more then one and isn't a daily occurrence.

  2. Right now my bar includes just about everything. Except I am out of scotch/whiskey and bubbly. I just wish I had a nice way to display it! Perhaps my next project.



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