Monday, June 7, 2010

Toronto Wedding By Erika

My friend Erika is a photographer. A good one.
This shoot she did was posted on The Wedding Co.
 I'm reposting it becase I think it's lovely. 

"Laura and Goh are planning a wedding in Ireland this summer but decided to have a small ceremony at Toronto’s City Hall for logistical reasons. A short ceremony and dinner with friends was the extent of their planning but unbeknownst to them, their friends had a few surprises up their sleeve.

The event began with all the guests serenading them down the aisle to “Stand By Me”. After the ceremony, champagne was popped, impromptu speeches were made and a four-wheeled bicycle was unveiled covered in lilacs and complete with a homemade “Just Married” sign. The happy couple were escorted along Queen Street by a parade of friends all on their own uniquely decorated bicycles to their dinner destination, tin cans and all."

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