Monday, April 26, 2010

Key To My Happiness

Let me start off this post saying that I ordered this necklace from Beyond The Rack, however I had a negative experience with them, and would not at this time be able to give them a positive review, nor would I recommend ordering from them. HOWEVER, as this is supposed to be a space for things that make me smile, I will not get into the details, and instead will focus on the positive. As I mentioned here I was lusting over a key necklace, inspired by a moment of clarity while riding my vespa one day. (Alright, inspired by a really big advertisement I passed while riding my vespa one day... but I still had a moment of clarity!) Well, while in the office on a Saturday I came across this cute little sterling silver and diamond key necklace on SALE online. So I bought it. And now I have the key to my own happiness. 
(See? Empowerment! Clarity! Inspiration! Diamonds!)

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