Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 2nd 2010

A daily reminder. Found in Brooklyn.
January 2010

Call me kooky, but I believe that what I am doing at midnight is a predictor for how my entire year will go. This is not a theory. It has been proved true time and time again. Like I said. I know it's kooky.

My New Years Eve was full, but perhaps not exactly what I want for the coming year. At least I don't think so. (My fault. I had a little too much wine and don't quite recall the evening).

Instead, if I were to have my way, my entire year would be like January 2nd 2010. (After I had recovered my spunk.)

It ran something like this:
  • Being in a foreign but not unfamiliar city
  • Cafe au lait and almond croissants with my oldest bestie
  • Some shopping. Shoes and sexy unmentionables are my undoing in the shopping department. Check and check.
  • Lunch and wandering around Soho.
  • Home for a glass of wine, and some chill-axing time.
  • Headed to Brooklyn for a indie show at a great venue Union Hall.
  • Amazing meal at a Rose Water, a great restaurant which specializes is local, organic and sustainable food. I shared a bottle of bubbly and a great meal with a dear friend who I could talk to for hours. And did.

So if 2010 could be full of best friends, amazing meals, wine and champagne, travel and concerts and talk and laughter then I will be a happy girl. I now have 11.5 months to see how the next year will turn out!

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